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It may be a regulatory requirement, or it may be time to free up storage space. Whatever the reason, we at Rent-a-Scanner Middle East (by Forefront Technologies) can insure that the selected scanner will be ideal for your back-log conversion to searchable PDF “at the simplest matter”. Or alternatively, our qualified team members can assist you to design the easiest and best solution that could include Indexing, Full-text OCR, Export of digital image and Metadata files to your content management system; and If you don’t have one, we can recommend multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) options that start from $100 “for single user” and up including a Cloud-based DMS option.

We carry the widest range of high-speed scanner models from the world’s leading manufacturers like Fujitsu, Canon, InoTec, Image Access, SMA, 4DigitalBooks, IRIS and others. We’ve got automatic document feeders scanners with capacity up to 2000 pages, the largest flatbed scanners up to double A0 media size, large format scanner perfect to digitize architectural and engineering drawings with unlimited length.

If you need to have your documents OCR’d, then you are in the right place; Our Multilingual OCR applications from NovoDynamics and Abbyy has reached to 97% accuracy in typed Arabic text, plus 10’s of other international languages.

Hire a Professional Document, Book or Large-Format scanner at affordable rates within UAE with shipping and next-day business day delivery. Our team knows all about document scanning, document capture, indexing; Please consult with us so we can make your project run faster and smoother. We have the best technology at the best rates.

Once your scanning project is done and if needed, our expert storage solutions team can assist you with back-up, disaster recovery & archiving solutions that fit your budget and requirements from leading manufacturers such as Fujitsu Technology, Spectra Logic, DISC, QStar, Overland & Infortrend.

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WideTEK 25 – 600
ScanSnap SV600
KODAK i5200
Fujitsu Fi-5900C